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Pipri villagers stage protesting march against influential armed attackers and police


Influential equipped attackers who raided on Pipri Kahn village and tortured women, children and men seriously a week ago and tried to vacate village forcibly because of that case was registered on them but still they have not been behind bars yet by Bin Qasim Police and on the other side equipped influential persons have kicked off creating fear, firing and threatening of death to villagers with the support of police.

After being exhausted from cruelty and wickedness of powerful raiders villagers Natho Kahn, Soofan Kahn, Attaullah Gabol, Gul Zaman Gabol and others had protesting march with women and children in a great deal and sat in against influential equipped peoples.

On that occasion women appealed wailingly to government of Sindh for help against the tyranny and victimization of influential armed men and police even men who were part of protest raised serious mottos against attackers marching with women and children from village to national highway where they sat in.

On that occasion honorable villagers talked with media men and said they are living fore many years but unfortunately their village is near national highway so it is in the bad eye of powerful equipped persons and police and they want to exclude villagers from their Pipri Kahn village.

They further told that influential armed men had attacked village a week ago with police and assaulted women, children and men of village sternly although police registered case against villagers forcibly and nabbed them and also police lodged a case against armed attackers on the complaint of villagers but no any of them have been arrested yet.

They said that Bin Qasim Police has crossed all the limits of humanity giving a favor to criminals and hostage habitants sealing village with armed men and have planned to slay villagers so any time a massacre can take place there.

Pipri kahn village residents appealed law forces, elective representatives, Humanitarian organizations to investigate facts and figures of matter interrupting and reaching village and stand by them in order to get arrested influential equipped attackers to secure villagers.

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