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Sindh Government has taken revolutionary step removing ban from student Unions; M.Akram Rizvi


Central Secretary General of Anjuman Tulba-e-Islam Muhammad Akram Rizvi had press conference at Awami Press Club Malir with fellows and said Sindh Government has taken revolutionary step removing ban from student federations and we welcome the decision of government also demand for the same decision from other province governments and federal government of Pakistan.

He said that 2020 year is the year of student federations restoration and they should be provided their legal rights. He said that student federations will not frighten from any sacrifice and devotion for its rights.

He said our federation is working for all students of country and it has provided the placid atmosphere in educational institutions and raised the injustice and unfair with poor and penurious students whose right of education has been taken away by creating classified system in education.

He announced Anjuman Tulba-e-Islam will take part in the election of federation fully and get triumphs.

He messaged to all the students of Sindh mentioning Malir to join their non political student federation Anjuman Tulba-e-Islam and play good role for the betterment of Pakistan including Sindh.

Moreover he said that they are on 10 days visit of whole Sindh and kicked off public coordination campaign also they have a motive to meet distinct leaders in order to advance their endeavor.

He said that student federations are valuable asset of country but unfortunately student federations were misled and misused in past which they will not make any one do in future.

In this regards Abdul Razzaq Salar said student federations are essential for country and we are thankful of government which has restored student federation also expect that youth of Malir will take part in election greatly. On that occasion former General Secretary Tanveer Hussain, Joint Secretary Mubashir Hussain were also present.

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