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Save Pakistan Foundation delegation meets Thai Counsel General


Save Pakistan Foundation Secretary General Kamran Chouhan, Senior vice President Sheeraz Khadim and others members visit Royal Thai Consulate Karachi on invitation of Honorable Counsel General Thatree Chauvachata for discussing trade, tourism, social welfare ties between Pakistan and Thailand.

In meeting Consulate General appreciate save Pakistan Foundation initiatives regarding social, economic and other efforts for Pakistan.

Save Pakistan Foundation Secretary General Kamran Chouhan discuss the unique idea of Social Ethics and it’s awareness in citizens for clean & Green Pakistan.

This idea appreciated by Consulate General, During discussion Senior vice President Sheeraz Khadim present the future plans of Save Pakistan Foundation for which Thai Counsel General Thatree Chauvachata assure his full support and cooperation.

During discussion Consulate General inform that Thailand is big importer of Pakistani sea food and he recently arrange a meeting with Pakistani traders regarding more trade.

Consulate General further discuss about Pakistan tourism opportunities as the country is rich in mountains, hills, glaciers and other natural attractions.

During meeting it decided that in near future Thai Consulate and Save Pakistan Foundation will collaborate and arrange social awareness programs. At the end Senior vice President Sheeraz Khadim Present his unique book namely “Azad Kashmire Mere Samny” to Counsel General Thatree Chauvachata, The book is only book covers the geography of Azad kashmire.

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