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Building of Vocational Training Center’s cracked At Konkar Gadop


By: Arshad Ali Gabol

Former provincial minister of Industries Abdul Hakeem Balouch had got built vocational training center in 1996 which has been changed in ruins and worse in condition.

Billions of ruppees were expended on its construction which was not used and now it has been cracked wholly but no any officer or representative provided amenities to young boys and girls of Konkar Gadop area yet.

Today people of Konkar Gadop are amazed and on protest against negligence and inability of Malir management and elected representatives.

In this respect Shafi Balouch told that many times they have written applications to different departments in order to own building which consists on one acre but they have got no response yet from any department and at present building is in worst circumstance.

Residents appealed to elected representatives of Malir and political leadership to have endeavor to make the building functional so that it can be beneficial for the people of Konkar Gadop.

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