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Saleem Salar Revealed Astonishing explainations Regarding Corruption and Confiscation at Malir


By: Arshad Ali Gabol

People’s Party Malir’s former Allotment Committee member Saleem Salar has revealed astonishing and unbelievable detection by a letter to government Sindh in which he revealed that District Malir has taken top position in occupation on government lands, illegal and forged societies, artificial villages and in constructing bigger form houses in which Revenue Department Malir, Local Police and others are also involved orderly.

He further revealed that all vills including Joreji, Ghaghar, Dhabeji, Kotiraro, Khanto, Chohar, Landhi and others where government land has become lucky goose who lays golden eggs for Local Police Officials, Revenue Department officials.

In these confiscations Revenue Department Malir’s agents who identify them selves workers of revenue and hand over government lands to Land Mafia taking fistful bribe and some plots after preparing false and forged documents of billion rated land and paying dues to higher official and police officers as per their part.

He said that he had sent a letter as a testimonial or proof against which Mukhtiarkar Anti Encroachment cell has sent notice to Revenue Department District Malir’s Agent Fateh Muhammad Kolachi and Syed Abdul Haque Shah and informed them that they have confiscated government land of School at vill Ghaghar Zero Point Jan Muhammad Kalmati village and started illegal construction so their act comes in offense as per Sindh Public Property Rule Of Encroachment Act 2010 Section 3(1) therefore they are informed by notice to remove encroached area and illegal construction otherwise action will be taken against them legally.

Moreover Saleem Salar told that forest Department and Government Sindh are also indulged in Mega Corruption equally who have handed over thousands acres of government Land of Deh Ghaghar and Deh Dabeji to Land Mafia by their agents.

He demanded giving proposal to government of Sindh that government should announce independent inquiry commission and make him freelancing member of that commission so he will prove occupancy on government land and corruption of billions in the benefit of public and welfare of country

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