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Influential group attacked on Pipri village with equipped personnels and Police Force


By: Arshad Ali Gabol

Police Influential people group attacked on Pipri village UC Chand para near National Highway with the support of Bin Qasim Police during midnight here on yesterday.

Police personnels sealed the village ways led by SHO Bin Qasim Zahid Lodhi and let influential group be free to enter the houses who assaulted on women, children and men brutally and dragged them out the houses from their hair.

Equipped personnels completed their execution till dawn and vacated village halve.

In this regard journalists of Malir visited Pipri village where they saw 3 police mobiles filled with police force who ceased journalists to enter in the village.

After a severe remonstration journalists met with affected Shaukat Gabol, Shahi Khan Gabol, Baghat and others who were injured by the attack of axes and weapons and crying for help.

Police did not allow any one to send them towards hospital for treatment and busted Soofan Khan, Shabir Khan, Aashiq Malah, Nisar Balouch, Aijaz Soomro, Jurial Baghat, Ali Khan Balouch, Ikhtiar Lashari, Sadam Lashari, Akbar Baghat, Mumtaz Buriro and carried them towards police station.

On that occasion villagers Wazir imrani , Zainab Mirani and others remonstrated before journalists and told that they are habitants of Pipri village from years and also they have documents of their houses but powerful person Mukhtiar Mughal, Zulfiqar Phul, Ali Bakhsh Magsi, Abdul Khaliq Bugti, Saleh Bugti, Aashiq Sial and others befallen tyranny on their village and disrespecting women and children they entered houses.

Villagers told that they were extremely surprised on the role of police that police was supervising equipped person and emancipated them to raid on women, naive girls and tortured on them seriously and wounded men by axes and guns.

Moreover they said that they had attacked 3 time before like this and injured many villagers and got arrested villagers by Bin Qasim Police in prosecution of terrorism. Protesting villagers appealed Sindh Government, IG Sindh, SSP Malir to have fair investigation of mishap and set free arrested Innocents.

SHO Bin Qasim Police Zahid Hussain Lodhi confirmed the raid and that police approached at village due to the 15 report and found that dispute was going on between 2 groups so police has lodged case against them and many of them have been got police custody.

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