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Protesting Rally held by SUP for the fundamental rights and safety of company workers


By: Arshad Ali Gabol

Sindh United Party organized protesting rally for the basic rights and amenities of Sindhi labouers community here on yesterday.

Protesting rally was led by party central leader Aijaz Samtio, Munir Magsi, Mustafa Chandio and others in which party leaders including workers and labouers.

Protesters held banners and play cards in their hands and hailed serious mottos against contracting system and prejudice behavior of companies management. Rally came at Manzil Petrol Pump crossing Razzaqabad, Abdullah Gabol Goth, Cattle colony, Shafi Muhammad Balouch village.

On that occasion Sindh United Party leaders Aijaz Samtio, Munir Magsi, Mustafa Chandio and others said that Sindh people have first right to work in factories which are situated in Sindh so the intrigue and conspiracy should be obliterated to bereave them from their fundamental right and doors of employment should also be opened for Sindhi people.

They further said that companu system must be implemented in Karachi factories and companies after finishing contracting system.

They said that all needs and necessities be provided to workers including yearly bonus, yearly leaves, social security, safety and others who have given years to company of factory.

More over they said that company or factory management should caste out prejudice and favoritism from their organization and should implement on labor law.

On that occasion Sagar Kharor, Dada Bozdar, Asghar Khoso, Faiz Heesbani and others also addressed.

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