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Journalists Awami Press Club Malir gave reception in order to pay tribute to well known activist of Malir for his remarkable social work


By: Arshad Ali Gabol

Recognized and well known Social Activist Sarwar Jokhio was given reception on his social services by Awami Press Club Malir in which district council member Mujahid Jokhio, Niaz Jokhio, Professor Ahmed Soomro, Senior Journalist Saami Memon, Ghulam Ali Goondar, other journalists and local community participated it in a great deal.On that occasion a great tribute was produced to social activist Sarwar Jokhio on his social work.

In this respect district Council member Mujahid Jokhio said that Sarwar Memon is a well known personality in social work after the name of Pandhi Faqeer who visited far and wide areas and backward villages and served Orphan children, widows, homeless, penurious and those who were bereaved from basic rights and facilities.

He said that today’s program has great significance in order to pay tribute on the Sarwar Jokhio’s field work.

He said that he has also worked with Sarwar Jokhio and learned a lot.

Professor Ahmed Soomro talking about Sarwar Jokhio told that paying tribute to Sarwar Jokhio on his social work is admirable work of Awami Press Club Malir Journalists.

He said that the step of Awami Press Club Malir Journalists is admirable who have commemorated a program to appreciate social activist Sarwar Jokhio on his great piece of work for penurious, orphans and homeless people otherwise only days are celebrated with Influentials, cheifs and higher officials.

He further said that Sarwar Jokhio is a philanthrope and real hero who really has pain of society people in his heart.Senior Journalist Malir Saami Memon said that Awami Press Club Malir is a interpreter of Poor and weak communities which sees the work of social activists with a great esteem.

He said that those who have worked of humanity and reduced their issues and troubles are appreciated in the eye of journalists.

He said that journalists of Awami Press Club Malir feel proud in paying tribute to Sarwar Jokhio for his industrious and promising work.Sawar Memon thanked Journalists of Awami Press Club Malir for appreciation about his service and told that the work of humanity he has learned from his father who sacrificed his life for the sake of humanity and spent a great amount of his income he spent to accomplish the needs and necessities of poor and homeless people.

He said that respect of his social work is a great reward for him and a reception that has been given him by journalists of Awami Press Club Malir has finished my all exhortation and tiresome.

Niaz Jokhio, Qadir Dars, Younus Azad Khaskheli, Ghulam Ali Goondar, Farooq Bhangwar and others also addressed.At the end of ceremony cheif guest Sarwar Jokhio and others were gifted ajarks and rose wreaths…

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