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Reasons for Unemployment & it’s root cause


By: Ayesha Ahmed

Terrorism has been Pakistan’s biggest problem in the past several years. Along with this, snooping on street crime, mobile, purse or motorcycle etc. has been particularly common in Karachi. When it comes to terrorism and street crime, unemployment is considered as one of the leading causes.

Representatives of terrorist organizations contact unemployed youth to form friendly relations with them and assure them of the financial responsibilities of their parents or children and then brainstorm them according to their ideas and thinking.

Give In the same way, unemployed youths become involved in petty theft cases. Often their friends are involved. Once arrested and gone to jail, they get out as an honest rat or bandit because jail. I get mixed up with old criminals and they learn all about crime. It is important, therefore, that efforts be made to curb unemployment as well as other measures to curb terrorism and eliminate street crime.

Unemployment is one of the major causes of unemployment. Includes poor public security, electricity and gas shortages and poor government policies.

As the population grows, new jobs are needed every year. If the population grows rapidly, then more opportunities are needed, which cannot produce a country with a good economy. That is why we see that the rate of population growth in the developed countries is controlled. In this regard, there have been subversive measures in this regard, but no government has paid any heed to the commitment. If the law and order situation is not good, nobody will invest their money in the new business.

New jobs often arise in small private businesses, which provide jobs for the owner as well as some others. For a large investment such as setting up a factory, the investor looks for a favorable environment. Many investors in Pakistan have even taken up their factories and taken to Bangladesh and the only thing to avoid is terrorism.

In developed countries, the highest employment opportunities are in the industry. There have been reports of closure of various industries in Pakistan for some time now due to lack of electricity, electricity and gas. The new industry is obviously impossible without energy. The present government has paid good attention to this issue and new factories are starting to build and some have even started work. This will bring about major changes.

Under this, several projects will be completed to generate electricity and after that industrial zones will be set up in all the provinces where incentives and incentives will be given to the industrialists for the industry. Is expected to create millions of jobs.

Poor government policies also lead to unemployment. Sometimes taxes are levied that make it difficult for industrialists to work and the industry shuts down and workers become unemployed. In such situations, the new industry is almost impossible. In Pakistan we have seen the government of two political parties – the People’s Party and the PML-N. The two have been very different in creating employment opportunities. The PPP was not interested in planning new projects or initiating development work, but instead recruited its party workers, known as jiyalas, to major government institutions, namely PIA, steel mill and WAPDA, etc. There was no need for new people in these institutions. The party workers were recruited on a large scale. Not only did these people become a financial burden on the institutions but lack of proper qualifications also affected the performance of the institutions. Thus, the institutions went into loss and the growth of the institutions was halted and real employment opportunities could not be created. The League starts major projects like motorways and metro, which facilitate the people and create employment opportunities. The N-League also launched a transport scheme in its heart as seen in yellow taxi and nowadays all-colored Suzuki van. Under this scheme, people are provided taxation in installments at low cost and thus provide employment with very little capital. Along with this, there are also new jobs in other automotive sectors such as tires, batteries and vehicle repairs.

The government has a lot of resources and options that can be used to create new employment opportunities if used properly. For example, if the government only makes policies that reduce the cost of residential plots, then millions of people will dare to build a new construction industry. There is a very important industry for employment. The construction of new houses creates jobs for skilled and non-skilled workers working directly on the house construction ie laborers, mason, carpenter, plumber, electrician, etc. – as well as about 30- Work is also increased in 40 different industries, including SIM TM, including bar, tile, electrical equipment, etc. aurplmbng.

There are two reasons for unemployment in Pakistan that need to be paid more attention. First, our education system and the other unemployed who do not want to work. One of the major weaknesses in the system of education is that it emphasizes the need to graduate with book education. While there is no focus on finding skilled people. There is not even a technical institute in comparison to 100 colleges having a BA or MA. However, the fact is that the opportunities are limited only for young people studying books while there are unlimited opportunities for any skilled learners. So, time is given for two to three days. Similarly, there is a severe shortage of operation theater technicians, opticians, etc. working in hospitals. It is imperative that a comprehensive program be provided to guide young students in which areas of employment. There are Institutions for teaching and skills training should also be established in the nine fields. Media can play an important role in this regard.

Another type of unemployed comes to see us are the people who do not want to work. They include the children of the rich and the middle class and the children of the poor. Amra’s children are told to their friends that my father has a lot of money, I have no need to work. They do not get proper education and even after business, their business is ruined. Many of them suffer from drugs. Moderate and poor. The children of the house drop out of school in bad company, and if they do get education, they do not do it as long as their parents or a maternal uncle or brother-in-law are feeding bread. They also become addicted to drugs and fall into the hands of memory-laden or addicted criminals. The fact is that they are mentally ill and need treatment. Keep this in mind if a young person in your family or friends is attending college or has not been employed for a long time. He may be addicted to drugs or have fallen into bad company. Such youths also need to be understood by the people of the family and with proper treatment they can be made good citizens.

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