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Bill to be move in assembly for lifting ban on Student Union; Saeed Ghani


Sindh Minister for Information, Archives and Labor Saeed Ghani has said that Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party always wanted to see the lifting of ban on student organizations across the country, because he believed that the student organizations were the nursery of politics.

Whenever it came to eliminating ban on student organizations in the country, some laws became the hurdles, the provincial minister said. He said that it was unfortunate that many politicians in this country did not know about the student organizations. Moreover, he said that even there were politicians who although had come to the assembly but they had no knowledge about politics.

He said this while welcoming the participants of march of Sindh People’s Students Federation on Monday. Sindh People’s Students Federation participants arrived in Karachi on Monday after marching in all the districts of Sindh.

Saeed Ghani announced on the occasion that ban on student organizations in Sindh province would be lifted.

Provincial Minister of Information said that the ban on student organizations and trade unions was imperative for the development of decent political culture in this country. “I will present a bill in the Assembly to introduce a new law for student organizations,” he said.

Saeed Ghani said that the present federal government was the only incompetent government in the history of Pakistan, during which the salaries of public servants were decreased.

Provincial Minister of Information said that this government had not given anything to the people except for unemployment and inflation. The withdrawal from the Kashmir issue and ban on the media were other feathers in the cap of this inept government, the minister added.

Saeed Ghani said that this incompetetent government on one hand failed to give ten million jobs to the people, while on the other hand this failed government had also displaced the poor people instead of arranging for them 50 lacs homes as they promised before the rigged elections.

Provincial Information Minister Sindh said that this government banned political leadership in the name of fake accountability.

He said that former President Asif Ali Zardari, Faryal Talpur and Syed Khursheed Shah were still in prision although not a single case was registered against them.On the other hand, inquiries were going on against Pervez Khattak and Pervez Elahi but they had not been arrested so far, he added.

Meanwhile, the provincial minister of Information and Labor Saeed Ghani participated in a demonstration in front of the Karachi Press Club by Sindh People’s Students Federation, along with secretary general PPP Sindh Waqar Mehdi, Ajiz Dhamra and other party leaders of Karachi. Speaking on the occasion, PPP Sindh Secretary General Waqar Mehdi said that it was the right of the representatives of PSF Sindh to raise their voice for their lgetimate rights.

He said that student organizations had always raised their voice against the dictatorship and Pakistan Peoples Party always supported the student organizations.

Waqar Mahdi said that the struggle should continue until the ban on student organizations was lifted.

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