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KDA Employees Union urges for immediate rehiring of Contract employees


An Emergency Session of KDA Employees Union held on Monday at Civic Center Karachi under the supervision of Patron in Chief Navaid Anwer Siddiqui.

KDA Employees Union expressed grave concerns over the ban on Re-hiring of Contract employees and urged for the issuance of Re-hiring letter for contract employees.

Navaid Anwer demanded for the immediate issuance of contract letters for disable quota contract employees, So that those employees could not face financial crisis and would spend their life with dignity.

Karachi Development Authority Employees Union Patron In Chief appreciated the decesion of KDA Governing body for the regularization of contract employees but he also urged the management for immediate decision of those employees whose contract period has ended.

Moreover the members of Union also expressed concern over the reports of alleged regularization of political affiliated and blue eyed persons.

Further the participants of session urged management for transparency in the process of contract employees rehiring and stated that the management should take decision in the said issue which would be acceptable for all.

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