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Useful use of social media


By: Ayesha Ahmed

There was a time when messaging from one city to another would have surfaced for several days and if messaging in a remote country had to be carried out for several weeks.

Special messaging was only available at the royal court and There was a lot of money to be had.

Because it was not everyone’s bus stop to bear the expense of the long journey.

If there was a very important message to be conveyed as quickly as we could, without stopping and resting, we reached the destination.

It would have been known that when trade relations were established between countries, messaging through trade convoys started to take place. The status of many governments adopted took the state in order to increase revenue.

The rise of electronic media and the Internet has diminished the importance of ancient sources of messaging.

With the help of new technologies and inventions, we can now not only talk to a loved one across the seaside but also watch each other’s videos. It should be thanks to all these inventions that we are impressed by this growing popularity of the Internet, that many well-known newspapers have stopped printing their print editions and shifted their entire business to the Internet.

In this way, we should be closer to our loved ones, but it is observed that humans are moving away from each other. Thanks to such online games and social media websites, we have been in contact with distant gentlemen. But their bags are too far away from human beings. Instead of talking to each other in the same room, some tips on how to avoid this situation are seen in their cell phones from the world where the hobbies are busy with each other. Service.

Do not overuse social websites. They only maximize your time and the benefits are minimal. If half of the time you spend on Facebook is given to friends and relatives, life can be a joy.

Mobile computer users are often the cheapest and most obese users of the Internet. Most people who spend all their leisure moments on screen go for the weeping and the lonely. There is no doubt that some online video games enjoy us from time to time, but instead of wasting time on them. If we focus on physical sports, it will have a very good impact on our body and mind.

Speak to someone on social media or SMS to try to write English and Urdu correctly because it is found that most students are so accustomed to writing shortcuts that the reason for the exams is consciously typing incorrect words, spelling. That they don’t even realize.

Instead of spending all night on the internet instead of sleeping on time and going for a walk in the morning, you too will be powerless to say that the world is so beautiful. Such healthy headgear spirits give us a sense of urgency and we are truly able to enjoy life.

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