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Suicidal issues in Sindh’ educational institutions: Emerging panic among parents


The commonness of suicidal deeds among pre-university students, mostly by girls, presents a major challenge to educational institutions in Sindh.

These manners have raised many questions but investigations are yet to be carried out.

A fatal increase in alleged suicidal activities in universities of Sindh is a gigantic matter. Frequently, suicide is said to be a final decision made by depressed people either they ignored by society or got disappoint due to social disorders.

“There could be a multiplicity of reasons such as scarcity, political tensions, sadism, violence human rights violations, teenage pregnancies and helplessness to sexual and reproductive ill-health, which can have direct or indirect effects on the psycho-social health of youngsters.”

But, when suicides take place in educational institutions they carry out many questions that why mostly intelligent students committed suicides? The question is needed to be investigated from every aspect.

However, this is a harsh authenticity that every suicide has a killer. Another question is that why only girls commit suicide? We should acknowledge this actuality that there is nepotism in our educational system which resulted in disappointments and distresses and such manners compelled students to commit suicide.

Sometimes, girls are harassed by their teachers on the name of numbers and positions and girls fear of supplies and failure in examinations.

While, another matter is that sometimes girls are being sexually assaulted by colleagues and classmates who then start blackmailing them.

Maybe my words hurt anyone but being a student, I cannot bury reality. In Sindh’s universities, an emerging situation of alleged suicides is needed to be probed and anxiety of parents must be eradicated.

In 2017, a Sindhi department’s final year student, Naila Rind had allegedly committed suicide.

According to a judicial probe report investigating the mysterious death of Sindh University (SU) student Naila Rind which was presented in court, the student allegedly committed suicide following abuse and blackmail by the accused in the case after the two exchanged photos of an intimate nature.

Rind’s body was found hanging from the ceiling fan of her room in SU’s Marvi Hostel in Jamshoro on January 1, 2017.

She was a final-year student of the Sindhi department.Anis Khaskheli, a lecturer at a school in Jamshoro, was arrested in connection with the case on the basis of the victim’s cellphone records.

He later received bail in the case.Separately, Nimrita Chandani, a student of Bibi Aseefa Dental College (BADC), Larkana who was studying in the final year of her medical had allegedly committed suicide in the hostel of Chandka Medical College (CMC).

There could be reason behind this alleged suicide because Nimarata was evergreen and smiling face who was enjoying her life with zeal. But, sadly, her death is still a big question.

However, there are many other cases of girls who committed suicide in the hostels. Their cases have been obscured now, no one has tried to reopen them, it is still an riddle that either they committed suicide or they were murdered.

Recently, Saira, a student of LUMHS, attempted for suicide but she was rescued immediately and taken to Civil Hospital Hyderabad in an uncertain condition after suicide attempt.

The girl alleged harassment against two teachers of the university after her suicide attempt. She had told the reporters that two teachers harassed me by threatening to fail me in papers.

She said I complained about it but no action taken against them, which led to my suicide attempt.

Now, her father is saying that they left villages and settled in cities so as to educate their girls but there too girls are not safe.

It is the responsibility of government to look into the matters and divulge genuine reasons behind that suicide because day by day increasing cases of suicide and other tribulations in universities and hostels have deficiently affected the students, parents, teachers, and society.

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