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Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University Liyari Celebrates Teacher’s Day


Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University Lyari celebrated Teacher’s Day to thank the teaching faculty for thecontributions they make to the lives of the Lyari as well as other parts of Sindh.

A cultural extravaganza was organised by the Vice Chancellor, Incharge Faculty of CS & IT and Students to appreciate the unwavering commitment of the teachers for the mission and vision of this University ‘with a difference’. Prof. Dr. Akhtar Baloch, Vice-Chancellor was the Chief Guest of the event. The programme started with the recitation of verses from Holy Quran.

The students have sung the song in honour of teachers of the university. The Chief Guest of the function, Prof. Dr. Akhtar Baloch, Vice-Chancellor was fascinated with the performance of the students and congratulated the teachers for inspiring and nurturing the students to march in the right direction.

He appreciated their constant endeavour in bringing Benazir Bhutto Shaheed university to such a great height.

He said the people Lyari are very good host and they respect the teachers.

The university has performed very good role in making the Lyari developed, therefore, this credit goes to the teachers. Vice Chancellor congratulated the head of faculty Dr. Mazhar Ali Dootio and student on arranging such type of the great event in honour of great and responsible persons of the university.

The in-charge Faculty of CS and IT, BBSUL Dr. Mazhar Ali Dootio, said that the World Teachers Day has been celebrating since its launch in 1994 to appreciate the efforts of teachers in making the society.

The faculty of CS & IT has arranged this program in view of world teachers’ day to appreciate our honourable teachers. Teachers don’t teach the courses to students only but the character and society building also.

Therefore, the glory of the teacher cannot be expressed in little time because the role of teacher is high than the other professions.

To recognise the outstanding services rendered to the institution, teachers of the Faculty of CS & IT, Vice Chancellor of the university and Heads of the academic departments were awarded with souvenirs. The session was followed by the refreshment organised by the faculty of CS & IT as a small token of appreciation for the rightly called ‘beacons of light.

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