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Garbage; Major issue of Karachiites


By: Sidra Shah

At present, the city’s biggest problem is garbage dumps, according to a study that produces 12,000 tonnes of garbage daily in Karachi, out of which only 8,000 tonnes of garbage is collected while the remaining 4,000 tonnes are on the roads.

Because of this non serious attitude, the city has become a pile of rubbish. When the citizens see that there is no one to collect the garbage, they fire the garbage so that the pile of garbage can be reduced, but now after the orders of the Supreme Court, Sindh The government has also banned the burning of garbage as it is causing various diseases.

The Sindh government is failed in implementation of orders and consequences are fierce and Terrible.
Despite being the seventh largest city in the world Karachi, is plucked from the dirt and sewerage system, many citizens are suffering from various diseases due to dirt and mosquitoes, litter at every locality, every street point and intersection.

The elected members of Karachi Assembly and Municipal representatives cry for helplessness, Sindh ruling party People’s Party dreams of ruling Karachi city, but when issues of Karachi are highlighted Instead of playing a role, they put the responsibility on MQM’s shoulders.

The Sindh government puts the entire debris on the city government and the city government puts on it on Sindh government.The PPP has been ruling Sindh for 10 years and the performance is zero; after turning the inner Sindh into ruins, the PPP is now claiming to make Karachi a clean sweep.

Neglected Karachi, PP accusation is true but it is also bitter fact that in the last 10 years Sindh government of PPP has also ignored Karachi. Could not started any project that can showcase their performance.

Looking at the state of Karachi’s slum dwellers, suburbs and countryside, you will feel as if you have come to a small village in Dadu or Shikarpur; There is no sanitation system in the government schools and public hospitals of Karachi.

In many places of Karachi, sewerage is seen boiling because the sewerage system in the city has been completely destroyed. I suggest to Provide powers and funds to the local bodies so that the representatives of the municipalities can reduce the problems of the people. Be able to bring your own.

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