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Journalists demand for impartial inquiry; Give 30-day ultimatum for redressal of grievances


Journalists of Sindh Province staged Sit-in outside the Provincial Assembly building over the registration of fake cases under anti-terrorism act and the involvement of Police in Kidnapping of Journos. On the call of Sindh Journalists Council-SJC Media Persons from various districts of Sindh gathered at Karachi Press Club on friday where they marched towards Sindh Assembly and staged a sit-in on the main gate of Provincial Assembly.

Numbers of Journalists from different parts of Sindh province participated in the protest with holding a placard on which Slogans against Sindh Police were mentioned and similarly they were also chanting slogans against the Corrupt officers of Police Department.

Later Saeed Ghani Provincial Information Minister, Firdous Shamim Naqvi Opposition leader Sindh Assembly, Grand Democratic Alliance MPA Nusrat Sehar Abbasi & Hasnain Mirza, PTI MPA Jamal Siddiqui other members of the provincial assembly reached at the Sit-in and inquired about the issues of journalists.

Ghazi Jhandir President Sindh Journalists Council-SJC, Imdad Soomro, Shoukat Zardari, Manzoor Solangi, Munawar Alam, Zohaib Zardari, Imdad Phulphoto, Qazi Zulfiqar, Najeeb Naich, Mir Zulfiqar, Imtiaz Mastoi including other journalists informed the Legislators of Provincial Assembly that Corrupt Officers of Sindh Police with the collusion of influential persons are registering fake cases under Anti-Terrorism act against journalists to harass them.

Moreover, the Senior Media Persons stated that to date fifty fake cases has been registered against journalists in different parts of Sindh, also said the Chief Minister had formed the committee in past to enquire the said issue but after the passage of 3 months committee has failed to make present a final report.

SJC President asked the delegation of legislators that now the registration of fake cases and incidents of kidnapping by the support of Police Higher Officials are rising and despite of the grave situation police is not ready to register the case of kidnapping.

On the occasion, Provincial Minister Saeed Ghani assured the protestors for getting the issue into the notice of Chief Minister and also assured for the impartial inquiry regarding the concerns.

Whereas Opposition leader including MPA’s from Opposition bench reassures journalists to raise the issue on Assembly floor.

Earlier after the assurance of Sindh Government for the redressal of issues Ghazi Jhandir announced to end the sit-in, speaking with protestors he warned Sindh government that if the action would not be taken against the corrupt police officers after the inquiry within one month then journalists from all over Sindh would stage sit-in in front of Chief Minister House.

On the other hand during the assembly session Saeed Ghani Information Minister Sindh termed the demands of Protestors Journos justified & lawful.

However, speaking at the Session of Assembly opposition leader Firdous Shamim Naqvi urged that the Home Secretary and IG Sindh Police must be told their officers in which condition they can book any person under Anti Terrorism Act.

Recalling the issues & demands of journalists which he learned from the protestors Opposition leader said that, Journalists told that they were not even booked under ATA but also got stripped and beaten in the police stations, In another case journalist got arrested in Sindh and handed over to Punjab Police illegally.

He emphasized that the Journalists community is raising for against the injustices from last for months but no action was taken due to the reason above 200 journalists from all over Sindh gather and stage Sit-in in front of Provincial Assembly.

While criticizing the role of PPP led Government he questioned why the Sindh government has not asked any question from the Sindh Police regarding the registration of cases under ATA against journos.

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