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PTI MPA slams Sindh government for neglecting Education Department


PTI Lawmaker Sidra Imran expressed grave concern over the worst situation of Education in Sindh Province. Sidra Imran PTI MPA stated that as per reports above eighteen thousand teachers are not performing their duties. He said that teachers who are getting 40,000 to 125000 Rupees monthly salaries have not even visited the school.

Moreover, She termed ghost and politically appointed teachers main factor for destroying the education system of the province.
These are the Political appointees’ teachers who had appointed during the last 12 years, who are now playing with the future of our children’s, she added.

She questioned from Education Ministry to answer that when these teachers appointed on whose reference and from which political party they belong & either they appointed on merit basis.

Further, she shared that the Chief Minister has taken the charge of the education department by removing Education Minister, She asked CM that he Should have to inform about his plan for the betterment of the education system.

PTI MPA express fear that, either public schools in future would use as a polling station

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