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PTI Lawmaker slams Sindh Govt over rising ratio of Tuberculosis disease


Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf PTI Member in Sindh assembly Sidra Imran expressed concern over rising TB outbreak in Sindh after rapidly increase of HIV aids Disease .

She expressed concern over a tragic situation in Badin, as every second person of the area suffering from Tuberculosis disease, Whereas Health Department of Sindh Government did not taking interest for public huge issue.

Speaking with media MPA Sidra informed that according to health department report that 60% percent patient of TB in Badin District infected from sewage and drinking water.

She said more than 1.2M patient of TB are registered in sindh who are facing hardship and there is no any preventive measurement were taken by Health Department Sindh to curb the disease in Sindh.

Sindh government is silent on this health situation, she added.

She asked that if Sindh Government will not overcome on the situation then a tragedy can develop in Sindh, the Minister of Health is once again unaware about this critical health situation.

Moreover she urged Sindh government to take measures to get rid on the rising ratio of the Tuberculosis disease.

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