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PTI Lawmaker demands action against corrupt Police officials in Baldia Town


Malik Shahzad Awan Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf’s Member of Provincial Assembly from PS-116 on Tuesday spoke about corrupt practices & criminal elements in Police Department at the session of the provincial assembly.

While speaking at the session PTI lawmaker asked from the Home Minister that what actions has been taken by the government against the policemen who involve in and backing illegal activities in Baldia Town, Abidabad, Gulshan Ghazi & Ittehad Town.

He claimed that Baldia Town citizens top issue is those officials of Police Department who involve in the supply of drugs.

Whereas he revealed that some police department employees are involve in smuggling, robbery and water theft in the said area.

Mr. Awan expressed that, It’s unfortunate that despite receiving complaints top officials of Sindh Police including DIG and SSP of the said area are unable to taking action against the corrupt officials.

While speaking at the session he asked the Chief Minister that in the evidence which provided by him everyone could clearly see and hear that the police personals are involved in the business of drugs, Gutka/Mawa, Wine, Ice and other forms of narcotics.

Whereas he also claimed that some policemen are also backing Qabza Mafia (Encroachers).
He shared that in some cases SSP West has suspended few employees of the department but later within a month they reinstate by someone’s recommendation.

Recalling the incident which happened in the jurisdiction of Ittehad Town Police Station he added that, the police constable was caught red-handed by the citizens while taking bribe from the shopkeeper.

He admitted that he had used bad words for police officials and later apologized for the action.Ittehad Town Police Station registered FIR against me, I have no concern about it because if one FIR registered against me for raising voice against corrupt elements in police then they can register thousand FIR’s against me, he added.

Policemen who are backing criminals and involved in illegal activities are actually defaming the name of department as well as the name of honest officers.

Moreover, he stated the SSP West Shaukat Khatian is an honest officer of the department and doing his best as compare to past SSP’s but he is also unable to take action against some criminal elements within the department.

It was learned that the PTI’s PS-126 MPA has already submitted written complaints on last month regarding the said issue of police involvement in criminal activities at the office of Chief Minister Sindh, Inspector General Sindh Police and to the office of Federal Interior Minister.

It was revealed that the MPA in a letter urged the higher authorities for action against corrupt and Ill-mannered policemen in Ittehad Town, Saeedabad, Baldia and Madina Colony Police Station.

On the other hand, a Press Statement issued by the PTI lawmaker stated that Chief Minister Sindh asked for all evidence and assured for action against corrupt personals of police in Baldia Town .

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