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Insaf Lawyers Forum Khi warned DMC South on Sewage in Lyari


The chairman of Insaf Lawyers Forum Karachi Advocate Awer Memon wrote a letter to the office of chairman DMC South. In the open letter he had recorded strong protest on the behalf of Lyarities against the KW&SB and DMC South officials for not controlling the sewage system in Lyari Town

He said that the following areas of Lyari, AgraTaj, Bihar Colony, Kalakot, Baghdadi, Chakiwara, Musalane, LeaMarket, Gulistan Colony, Nawabad and other connected surroundings which are completely nonoperational since the recent rainfall in Karachi.

He also highlighted that the Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai road is badly damaged and unearthed from Agra taj to Kharadar. He had requested the chairman of DMC South that look into the matter and take prompt step to resolve the drainage of sewerage’s and reconstructed roads as the earliest. He told City news that poor condition of roads is one of the major causes of accidents on that road in Lyari which connects different areas with each other.

There are potholes on the road that make it difficult to travel. This problem of bad roads is quite widespread across the whole country. The condition worsens during and after the monsoon season. The rain further damages the roads. These issues do not need rocket science to be solved. They can easily be avoided if the authorities spend on constructing quality roads and repair them and the drains immediately when needed he added.

Precious lives are being lost because of this poor management or official neglect and it needs to be fixed on a priority basis. Moreover he had warned DMC south by saying if the civic problems has not been solved within the couple of week then as the citizen of Karachi they keeps right to go to the court against the officials of DMC South for not resolving the civic issues.

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