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Apex Court Order’s violation; Sheesha & Smokeless Tobacco selling Continues in limits of Sachal Police Station


In Pakistan’s Biggest City Sheesha (Hookah) easily available within the jurisdiction of Sachal Police Station in a Restaurant namely “ KHANA TONIGHT” located at Ghazi Goth, However Sheesha Cafes are banned by the Order of Supreme Court of Pakistan in all over the country.

Whereas on the other hand all the police stations of Karachi have clear instructions from the top officials of Sindh Police to seal and arrest the owners of Shisha Café’s and in this context, Sindh Police has gradually taken action from various Sheesha Cafes and now it is only available in few areas of the city.

Its availability is possible allegedly by the support of some corrupt Police Station staff.

Similarly, the Sindh High Court has banned the sale and use of Smokeless tobacco products including Gutka, Mawa and packed tobacco products JM and others in Sindh Province, but the said smokeless tobacco products are easily available within the jurisdiction of Sachal Police Station from pan cabins.

It was observed that in the said café mainly youth has come and take sheesha, as per health experts sheesha smoking leads to the use of Charas, heroin and other forms of drugs which nowadays is getting common among the youth of Karachi.

It was learned that according to Tobacco Control Cell, Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination Government of Pakistan 160,100 people die annually in Pakistan due to tobacco use.

In this regard, the provincial Government of Sindh and Inspector General Police Sindh have instructions for the strict action against those elements who are playing with the lives of citizens by selling these deadly products.

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