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Lyariites in stress due to hellish traffic near Bakra Peeri,Cattle market


The main road connecting with garden zone via Bakraa Peeri road has gone impediment due to huge traffic Jam near bakra peeri cow mandi here on Sunday.

Bakra peeri which is situated in district south Lyari and adjacent with Lyari expressway that is the road which connects lyari with shersha road and also a gateway to garden south.The road found with heavy traffic jam form Meeranaka , dhobi ghat and bakra peeri road at the entrance of cow mandi. The peoples were stuck off in their vehicles for half and hour just waiting for a moment to move ahead.

All over the area were covered with cow carrying vehicles,motorbike,mini cars and some how semi trailer trucks which has turned into roadblock.

Alarmingly only two of traffic wardens were captured standing beside the roads instead of contributing their efficiency to reduce the traffic congestion, what for they are assigned while the management of cow mandi were also not found on the spot to maintain flow of traffic.

Residence around Bakra Peeri are also facing disturbance due to hellish traffic, according to one of residence he said “this huge traffic has exhausted our regular life which has gathered around the roads and streets of Bakra Peeri.

One of visitor to cow mandi expressed his views that we are not getting any facilities here, he added roads are completely blocked everyday, although we came here to buy an animal to fulfill the Sunnat-e-Ibrahimi but the management of cow mandi and local government doesn’t look serious to facilitate the visitors at Bakra Peeri.

The visitors and residence has appealed to the Minister for local government Mr.Saeed ghani to resolve the rush hour issues by immediate basis and also provide rescue facilities at Bakra peeri to tackle any incident that occurred.

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