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Karachi Police Chief vows to regain Citizen’s confidence


An introductory session for print and electronic media crime reporters arranged on thurdsday by newly posted Karachi Police Chief Ghulam Nabi Memon at Saleem Wahidi Auditorium Driving license branch Clifton.

Issues regarding the police department particularly in Karachi discussed in the meeting.
During the discussion with journalists Karachi police Chief announced for the merger of small police stations into bigger Police Stations for the ease of citizens, he stated that due to the large number of police stations the number of police force decrease and only 15 to 20 policemen available for each Station House Officer to maintain the law n order situation in the jurisdiction.
Moreover, he said that only public-friendly Policeman would be competent for the post of SHO, who could deal and resolve every matter of citizens with calmness by providing a friendly environment to citizens.
He also revealed for the establishment of three model police stations in which well-reputed police officers would be posted with sufficient staff. Timely resolution of issues and better facilities would be provided to citizens in the said police stations where public could reach 24 hours a day without any fear.

Sharing about the details of Model Police Stations plan he added that, It would be established in three different districts of the city and if the practice will be successful then the police department would suggest Sindh Government that 45 to 50 Police Stations are enough for Karachi.

Further, regarding the Investigation department, he stated for the strengthening of the said department by giving sufficient funds so that they could not ask for any money from the public. He assured for sending this proposal to the IG Sindh and Provincial Government.

Mr. Memon expressed that in Karachi there is an organized group of approximately ten thousand criminals, who done crime get arrested and then come outside on bail and do crimes again.

FIR registration is not the proof of increase in crime ratio, It is the duty of Police Officer to register First Information Report of every Citizen and do a proper investigation on every registered FIR, says Karachi Police Chief.

Whereas, he shared that regarding corruption already elaborated the policy that in every case of corruption Senior officers would take action on immediate basis.

Regarding snap checking, he informed that the department is trying to equip policemen with a camera, so that none of the citizens could complain about misbehaving and demand of bribe by police.

At last, he informed that the department will put all its efforts to regain their support and confidence in the police.

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