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Peoples Labour Union demands DMC East for taking back anti-Employees decision


[dropcap]P[/dropcap]eoples Labour Union DMC East staged protest on Tuesday at Jamshed Zone Office to raise voice against the decision of Chairman DMC East including management for giving of Trade License and Advertisement department affairs to the contractor by taking heavy amount  through tender as well as bribe from the contractor, said a press statement issued by Peoples Labour Union.

Moreover it stated that Later the delegation met with the Opposition leader of DMC East Zulfiqar Qaim Khani and express their reservations regarding the said issue as well as the issue of Ops officers posting in various departments of DMC East.

Speaking with City News Zulfiqar Qaim Khani shared that, it’s the policy of Pakistan Peoples Party from day one to provide employment, the decision of giving department affairs on contract basis would discuss in the Council session where we will first overlook either it will affect any employee job or not.

Sources informed that Moid Anwer Chairman DMC East along with the Municipal Commissioner Akhter Shaikh has decided to give trade license and advertisement department affairs to contractors for the year of 2019-20 by taking allegedly 2.5 billion bribe from one of the renowned contractor.

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