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KDA Employees Union termes CBA responsible for Economical exploitation of Employees


[dropcap]K[/dropcap]DA Employees Union on Tuesday staged protest outside the office of Director General Karachi Development Authority at Civic Center Karachi. Patron in Chief Naveed Anwer and Spokesman of KDA Employees Union Abdul Maroof lead the protestors.

On the occasion while speaking with the protestors leaders of KDA Employees Union shared that Sindh Government has not issued the cheque of monthly grant of 20 Crore 40 lac for the month of may 2019, for the said reason employees of the department are facing delay in getting monthly salaries and the employees are not even able to fulfill basic home needs.

Speaking with the protestors President of Union Nadeem Khokhar stated that, the work employees has not get monthly salaries from last 13 months.
They claimed that two of the work charge employees has died due to not getting salary.

He termed CBA Mazdoor Union and Management responsible for their economical death.

Moreover he urged to the Chief Minister, Local Government Minister and DG KDA for the issuance of Employees Salaries on priority basis.

Khwaja Izhar ul Hasan Opposition leader of Sindh Assembly & leader of Mqm Pakistan also participated in the protest and informed that he had discussed the issue with Local Government Minister Saeed Ghani. He assured the protestors to raise voice in assembly.

Further he warned to get take the issue of Workcharge Employees in court if it would not resolve.

He urged from the Sindh Government to raise the grant from 20 to 30 crore and also urged to start the process of Re-hiring.

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