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PTI’s Government responsible for economic instability in Pakistan; Waqas Shoukat​


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f PTI’s incompetent Government and Cabinet are very happy after getting a loan from IMF then they should also have to inform citizens about the terms & Conditions for giving back the amount, said Waqas Shoukat Secretary Information Pakistan Peoples Party District East.​

He questioned the government that, why they are not telling people that now how many lacs rupees every Pakistani indebted after getting IMF loan.​
While criticizing the role of PTI’s Government he shared that, If PTI had to run the government by getting a loan from IMF then why they criticized the previous governments.​

Moreover, he said that Now Change and Prosperity of PTI has hidden somewhere, those who were understanding that PTI has a better team to run government affairs has already seen that after passing the period of nine months event appointment of suitable minister and heads of the departments is a big challenge for them.​

Since Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf-PTI formed government Country is going downwards in terms of economy and prosperity, day by day Stock Exchange and other departments are declining, whereas country’s reserves have also declined to fifty percent.​

Leader of PPP urged that if the government would impose more taxes and hike the prices of essential needs then poverty and ratio of crime will rise in the country.​

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