Sachal Police arrested Innocent Abdul Hafeez and tortureed him grimly


By: Arshad Ali Gabol

Sachal police attacked late night at Wazir Brohi village and entered the house of Abdul Karim Sial without respecting women and children and arrested 17 years old Abdul Hafeez Sial covering his eyes with cloth after severe torture.

Busted Abdul Hafeez’s father Abdul Karim Sial told that his son works in AL-Karam factory to earn bread and butter for his family. He further blamed that police has arrested his naive son Abdul Hafeez deliberately and forcibly and started blackmailing for 2 lakh ruppees bribe and said that if money is not paid on time then his son will be killed as a robber.

He said that he became constrained to pay police money so he had 30 thousands which he paid police and got his son free from police custody who is in severe condition at present.

Injured Abdul Hafeez told on that occasion that Police personnels attacked on me with sticks and other things and taped my mouth.

On the other hand People’s party representatives Abbas Khokhar, Ali Nawaz Brohi, Rab Nawaz Brohi and others protested and talked with journalists of Malir that police has started tyranny and violence on poor and penurious people in order to take bribe from them.

They appealed IG Sindh, AIG Karachi and SSP Malir to take a notice of matter and have fair investigation also have execution against police personnel who were indulged

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