Robbery took place at Mobile Shop Market of Faqeera Village


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Criminal people’s gang has become active in thickly populated Faqeer Village and habitants of village have been unsecured due to continuous incidents of robbery and stealing thus business has come low.

In this regard fully equipped gang had broken into shop and stole valuables also robbed wayfarers and made off firing.
Villagers came out streets against crime and robbery led by Khalid Hussain, Bashir Ahmed Lund, Badal Jatoi, muzaffar Magsi, PTI leader Jaleel Mughairy and had foot marched till Gulshan Mamar chaock and sat in.

Protesters talked with journalists and said that SHO of Site Super Highway police station is responsible for peace failure at Faqeera village.

They said armed gang broke into the mobile shop of Khalid Hussain Rind in mobile market and looted mobile phones, cash amount and other valuables also robbed workers who were coming back to homes and ran away firing.

They further told that they submitted CCTV pictures to police as an evidence but police did not take interest to execute against culprits therefore whole area has become unprotected and business has become low.

Moreover they said that they are worried whether they work for children’s bread and butter or fight with criminal peoples.

They appealed IG Sindh, DG Rangers, AIG Karachi, SSP Malir and other concerned officers to dismiss SHO of Site Super Highway police station immediately in order to make Faqeera village placid…

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