Residents of UC Razzaq Abad stage protest for fundamental needs


People of UC Razzaq Abad held a protesting demonstration due to the absence of progressive and developing works in UC villages before District Council Karachi’s Bin Qasim office here on yesterday.

Protest was led by Qari Abdul Rasheed, Jam Jameel Lashari, labor councillor Noor Muhammad Lashari, Hashim Lashari, UC vice chairman Aslam Lashari and others in which abundance of residents participated it who were holding banners and play cards in their hands and raised serious mottos against absence of water and other fundamental facilities and progressive schemes.

After some time of protest district council member Akhtar Arfani came to meet Protesters and negotiated with them also assured them to solve their all issues soon, after that protesting demonstration was finished.

On that occasion heads of protesting demonstration talked with journalists and said that there are 5 villages of UC Razzaq Abad including them Nohani village, Lashari village, Dhani Parto, Moosa Village, Amroti Mohala, Maki Mohala and surrounding areas, which are deprived from progressive schemes from 4 years and every where in UC sanitation and sewerage systems are failure that’s why every where in villages piles of rubbish and litter are found, also sewerage water has entered in houses by which many insects and mosquitoes have taken birth which may become the cause of many fatal diseases.

They said that elected representatives have not visited villages yet after taking votes, they promised to provide all facilities for villagers but their promises have not been true yet. They told that elected representatives who had just motorcycles before election but now they have millions rupees vehicles, it is obvious that from where they have earned millions.

They said that NAB should also have inquiry of them who have become millionaires in Malir within few years.

Habitants of UC Razzaq Abad demanded from Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and PPP Karachi leadership to provide them fundamental facilities and needs by solving their basic issues

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