Malir’s People raised many issues and complaints before Ministers in open Session at Murad Memon


On the instructions of Chairman Pakistan People’s Party Bilwal Bhutto Zardari, Cheif Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah many provincial ministers held open session in order to know the issues and problems of district Malir’s people which was led by Transport Minister Awais Qadir Shah at sport ground of Murad Memon village in which Malir MPA Sajjad Jokhio, Saleem Balouch, Raja Razzaq, MPA Thatta Jam Awais, DCK chairman Salman Abdullah Murad, DMC chairman Jan Muhammad Balouch, PPP Malir wing president Fatima Majeed, Information Secretary Malir Mir Abbas, Officers, DC Malir Shahzad Abbasi, SSP Malir Syed Ali Raza, D H O Malir Ali Ahmed Memon, DEO Malir, people’s party leaders workers and public joined it in a great number.

Meeting sessions held from 11am till 3pm in which more then hundreds issues and complaints raised by residents of Malir including police, revenue, education, health, local government, land mafia and drugs. People tried to boycott the meeting and pleaded but were made agree to attend by MPA Saleem Balouch.

On that occasion people of kahn village including women protested against police and told crying to Provincial Minister that Bin Qasim Police has violated on them and ruined their houses also assualted on them before arrest against false cases about which Transport minister directed police officers and DC Malir to resolve the problem having fair investigation.

Complain against wine shop was also raised by learned man molana Zahir Naeemi in which he said that because of drunkers on wine shop women can not cross a road and children have also started drinking wine which will demolish the next generation so he demanded to remove the wine shop from the market of Murad Memon village after that provincial minister Awais Qadir Shah considered the complaint and directed the official to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

In the open session comrade Ghulam Muhammad Balouch, district council member Mujahid Jokhio, PPP leader Abdul Ghafoor Inqilabi, Zahir Balouch, Muhammad Zahir, Rajid Ali and other people informed issues to provincial minister regarding employment on favoritism in DCK, no job for Malir people in distinct departments, factories, no transport till Darsana Chana, occupation by land mafia on Malir village’s lands, sand, debris pilferage, lease the villages of Malir, drugs sale and others and demanded to solve them.

Provincial Minister Awais Qadir Shah expressed anger on police, revenue, educational officials and made sure people that he will solve the matters of people of Malir with DC Malir and SSP Malir and advised people to contact them.

He said that Malir is a fort of people’s party where public has elected successfully People’s party candidates but today knowing problems of public he has become worried.

He said the benefit of meetings is to know many peoples problems on a one place so I will meet with all and try to solve the problems of them as well.

He talked with Officers to leave the offices in order to solve public issues and if complaints of public can not be heard and resolved on immediate base then i will talk with Cheif Minister to have execution on officers.

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