Hotels and Market Centers close on the Order of Sindh Government


Hotels and Markets closed on the announcement of lock down to secure public from Corona virus by Sindh Government here on yesterday.

In this regards all hotels and market centers of Malir areas like Pipri, Ghaghar, Gulshan e Hadeed, Memon village, Kathore, Super High way, Dumba village, Darsana village have been closed, every where curfew situations occurred all areas looked vacant due to that labour community has affected badly and they look so worried and disturbed on the closure of markets centers and hotels for 15.

They said that they were hardly earning their bread and butter but now government of Sindh has imposed hunger and starvation on their families too announcing proclaim of lack down.

They said that they have no other job to complete their families requirements so now it’s Sindh government duty to provide them food and others things of need.

On the other hand police reached at areas in the morning and had a action according to Sindh Government orders and got closed all the markets and hotels.

Murad Memon trader Center was also closed first time in the history of Malir district due to the fear of Corona virus .
Even routes of sea are about to close which will have impacts on the life of fisher communities badly.

About the closing of sea routes pamphlets have been prepared at Korangi Fish Harbour which will be distributed to close all Jetties.

In this regards poor and penurious fishermen are worried a lot to become jobless.

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