Cycle Rally organized by Wonderful Club Memon village


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By: Arshad Ali Gabol

Wonderful club Memon village chapter arranged Cycle Rally from Norani Mosque Memon village to Ahmed Daod ground Darsana Chana here on yesterday in which Zaheer Ahmed Memon, Shafi Muhammad Memon, Doctor Mumtaz Ali Khaskheli, Doctor Abu Bakar Balouch, Waqas Memon, Farooq Balouch, Sohail Noor, Tariq Balouch, and others took part.

Administratives and responsibles of Wonderful club Darsana Chana Engineer Muhammad Akram, Abdul Lateef and other people welcomed Cycle Rally warmly and enthusiastically. Rally participants had Yoga practice with Engineer Akram at Ahmed Daod Ground.

On that occasion Engineer Muhammad Akram talked with media men and said that he has a mission to promote healthy culture through Yoga and Cycling. He further told that it has been proved by research and experience that those who ride bicycle have healthy and long living life.

Doctor Mumtaz Ali Khaskheli expressed his views and said that health is a big blessing of Almighty Allah so man has to be grateful of Allah for that blessing. He said that the trend of Yoga and Cycling in Malir is being spread which has become motivationary and satisfactory.

Zaheer Memon told that motive of cycling rally is to rise the significance of Cycling in Public so that people especially youth make a habit of riding cycle by reducing use of motorcycles and cars. He thanked public cordially for warm welcoming.

On that occasion Doctor Abu Bakar said that at present it has been essential to promote cycle culture in society in order to get wealthy health, reduce pollution and decrease expenses.

He said that those countries which are richest in manufacturing modern cars they also have cycle culture in their societies but here in Pakistan people feel disrespectful them selves in cycle riding because of status ailment.

He said that cycling is need of time about which public should be aware thoroughly.

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